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Gaming machines are among the most profitable games on the floor of casinos for the casino and the players as well as cheaters.

With these massive payouts available there’s no reason to wonder slots have been played as a game of game of cat and mouse between players and the house since their invention.

Let’s look at some of the tricks that have been used by cheaters of slots through the decades. We wouldn’t suggest ever making them your own, however!

1. Cheat Code

Gambling authorities make sure that the industry of gaming is functioning properly and fair.

Engineers design gaming equipment in order to allow them to be monitored and audited while offering high-quality gaming. But what happens if engineers decide to modify the code to their own advantage?

The famous slots fraudster Ronald Dale Harris, also known as Engineer from The Nevada Gaming Commission – did exactly what he said. He definitely could alter the slot machine!

For many years, he played a game of machines by stealing the source codes. It wasn’t until his friend won a huge win at the casino that was 100,000 on Keno games in 1995 and the fraud was exposed.

2. Shaved Coins

This fraud involving shaved coin isn’t in use today However, it’s interesting to be aware of.

As technology developed the slot machines started to utilize an optical sensor to record the payment. In the majority slot machines, this optical sensor operated independently from the actual comparator.

It was basically that if a shaved piece of coin was thrown down simultaneously in a form that was similar to the size and shape of the stake coin required and the shaved one was returned while another object would fall inside the machine and commence the game.


3. Fake Coins

Another technique of cheating in slots that was used throughout the history of slots was counterfeit coins.

Fake coins were employed in the scam of con-artist Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio to swindle casinos for a long time until his arrest in 1998.

He was removed in 2006 and swiftly began to re-initiate his fraud. It was only a matter of several months until he became caught again.

4. Magnet

We often are asked if it is possible to make a fool of a slot machine using the help of a magnet.

Let’s make one thing crystal very clear: it’s simply not possible to cheat the modern slot machines using a magnet as they’re all controlled by computer software, and they’re not magnets.

However, some people were able to play around with magnets for older machines because they were made out of metal.

To cheat at slot machines with a magnet, you can spin the reels, and then put a powerful magnet that is placed on the outside of the machine in order to stop them spinning after you have spotted your winning combination.

Cheaters will then remove the magnet, and be able to claim the reward.

It wasn’t the simplest method of cheating, but if executed correctly, one could earn a large amount of cash!

5. Yo-Yo

This slot cheat focused on the trick.

A string is affixed to the coin. The coin is then inserted to the machines until it kicks off the game. Then, the player returns the coin back by using the string.

In the present, this method has become almost obsolete due to the advancement of technology.

It’s an absolute classic and, if the strategy worked it would have been an enormous victory.

6. Light Wand

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is one of the most well-known slot cheats in history of gambling. He is the person responsible for the lighter wand.

Magicians like David Copperfield, Dynamo and David Blaine might have the ability to make it appear as if some thing happening however Carmichael could use his luminous tool to make jackpot wins appear like magic from thin air.

The light wand will obscure the optical sensor in machines that spin, causing it to be unable to determine the number of coins placed into the machine which means it would not know when to make a payment or for how much.

This means Carmichael could alter machines to his advantage, making small wins into huge cash payouts.

7. Piano Wire

It’s an oldie, but an excellent choice among slot cheats.

A group of people were working together at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency casino in Atlantic City back in 1982. One man took the target slot machine and connected 20-inch piano wires the spinning guts of the game.

The wires could be used to disable the clock which measured wheel’s rotation, allowing groups to control the wheel’s spins.

The jackpot was $50,000 but unfortunately, their whole scheme was caught on camera and the winner was arrested prior to leaving the premises.

8. Top-Bottom Joint

This is among the most clever methods of stealing money from slot machines and was a favorite among fraudsters in the 1970s as well as the 1980s.

They employed a tool that split into two pieces. The upper (a metal rod that has its ends bent to form”q”) “q”) as well as the bottom (a lengthy wire).

By putting the bottom by the slot for coin, and the top in through the slot for coins they were able to block the machine, causing that the machine to release of the coins it held.

Big wins galore!

9. Monkey Paw

It’s that guy Carmichael again. He was a genius, especially in terms of cheating.

He was the inventor of the “monkey Paw”. After experimenting with new techniques on a machine that played video poker and a computer, he finally built the right device. It was quite easy to build.

He took the guitar string and tied it with a bent rod. He would then insert it into the machine’s vent and then move it until he hit the trigger switch of the coin-hopper.

Imagine the torrent of coins.

10. Bill Validator Device

Simple, yet highly effective cheating system for slot machines.

It’s a small device that wraps around a credit card to fool the machine to believe it’s taking the $100 denomination, when it’s actually accepting a simple $1 bill.

11. Computer Chip Repair

Dennis Nikrasch altered the slots cheating game by implementing this concept.

He bought a machine, and then played around using it around his home, trying to discover its weaknesses.

He figured out that the chips in the computers inside the machines could be programmed to allow manipulation to cash out jackpots in tap.

Nikrasch arranged for a lot of chips, enlisted an entire team of fraudsters who gathered some slots machine keys and launched a campaign of fraud that sucked casinos dry for many years.

Then he accomplished it just by switching out the independent chips to his altered chips.

12. Software Glitch

Software bugs have been altered through cheating for a long time.

If they play a specific pattern of games and stakes that players play, they could frighten the machine, triggering an error that will pay the winnings.

Numerous slot cheats have benefited from this in the past however now jackpot winners are prevented from winning their prize because of it.

The most famous event took place in 2015, when 90-year-old grandma Pauline McKee, from Illinois has won $41 million using the Miss Kitty slot machine at the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo.

She was able to bring a lawsuit against the casino in the beginning in 2012, but her final appeal was denied three years after. Unfortunately, the past is the main reason behind the casino winning the case.

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