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The Diamond Game is a type of gambling app that offers various enticing casino games. Here, you can win real money by playing Filipino favorites such as the color game and traditional cockfighting. So join us in thoroughly exploring this application. With the help of BOCP, you will be provided with a comprehensive guide to the features and how transactions work in this game. What are you waiting for? Let’s start examining the Diamond game!

Diamond game worth playing

What is the Diamond Game?

The Diamond game is one of the popular applications in the market today that provides entertainment to people by offering various online gambling games. It cannot be denied that it is enjoyed by many players because it is easy to use.

It has 13 gambling games that you can try, and all of them are enjoyable to play. There are activities to further entice players to continue. For example, it gives out additional rewards to players who are part of or enter the leadboard rankings.

There are many ways to win and receive rewards in the Diamond game, such as its Referral Code feature. You can earn by inviting other people and using your referral ID number. Its withdrawal and deposit process is also quick, so you have the opportunity to test your luck every day.

How to download the Diamond Game quickly on your device?

Here are the steps to download the Diamond Game:

1. Go directly to its official website.

Diamond game download here: diamondgame.com

2. Find the “Download” button and click on it.

3. Wait for the download to finish on your device.

4. Afterward, install it.

5. Now, you can try using it.

At present, many players are reported to be losing their accounts in the Diamond Game, so be cautious. This application is banned by Google, so it frequently disappears, resulting in players losing their accounts. If you want to avoid these kinds of problems while playing your favorite gambling games, BOCP recommends BK8. It has been tried and trusted by many players, so you can play with peace of mind without any worries.

The Diamond Game has many counterparts or “clone apps” found on the Google Play Store, and you may not have gotten its official version yet. It is also questionable and can be considered illegal. Because if this application is legal, developers should not allow such things to happen. Only applications found on the Google Play Store and Official App Store are guaranteed and reliable. Therefore, it is better to choose the BK8 app because it only has two official versions found on these two platforms.

iOS users can also download the Diamond Game, but the process of downloading and installing it is difficult. You need to use a side-loaded file, and we cannot guarantee if the file is safe because it may contain viruses.

Games found in the Diamond Game

Dragon Tiger

This is one of the top betting games in the Dragon game. Each player has three options: Dragon, Tie, and Tiger. You just need to guess the outcome, whether Dragon or Tiger wins, or if it’s a tie. The result is based on the value of the cards that come out on both sides.

Color Game

This traditional game is well-known in the Philippines. To win, you need to guess the three colors that will come out from three dice cubes. You have six colors to choose from: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, and Pink. The banker doubles or triples the bet if the chosen color appears two or three times in a round.


Now, you can play one of the traditional betting games that male players are fond of. In this game, you have three options to bet on: Blue, Tie, or Red. You just need to guess which rooster will win or if it will be a tie.

Toss a Coin

This game is easy and simple. Each player has the chance to choose whether the result will be Head or Tail. If your guess is correct, your bet will double.

Animal World

This betting game is fun to play and has a twist. Here, you can win by selecting animals. It has three types of animals: Birds, Walking Animals, and Sharks. Each player has 11 betting zones to choose from with different winning multipliers.

Mythical Animals

Mythical Animals use a standard deck of 52 cards. Before the game starts, players will place their bets on four options: Green Dragon, White Tiger, Rosefinch, and Basaltic. Then, each beast and dealer will receive one card. Here, Ace has the lowest value, and King has the highest points. If the banker and the player have the same points, their suits will be compared.

88 Fortunes Slot

This is a slot game where if the winning symbol appears, FUBAO will appear inside the treasure bowl. When FUBAO reaches a certain level, the player has the opportunity to play the “JiFu JuBao mini game” and win big rewards from it.

Guess Size

In the Guess Size game, there are eight sections on the betting table: Single, Double, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six. It uses dice, and to win, you need to guess the number that will come out. Single is 1, 3, 5, or odd numbers, and Double is 2, 4, 6, or even numbers.

Luxury Fruit Connection

Luxury Fruit Connection is a slot game where the goal of a player is to produce winning combinations, symbols, and patterns. It is easy and quick to play; you just need to spin its reels to start.

Wonderland Forest Slot

In Wonderland Forest Slot, you need to have enough money to enter and participate. Like the aforementioned slot games, the player’s goal is to produce winning combinations, symbols, and patterns to win.

Egypt Treasure Slot

Here, Wild Symbols, Free Spins, and the Cleopatra Bonus give players high chances of receiving additional rewards. Players can get up to 25 free spins and win from the winning patterns that appear.

Fruit Mary

Like the previously mentioned slot games found in the Diamond game, Fruit Mary also aims for the same. It follows the usual mechanics of slot games. To win, a player’s goal is to produce winning symbols, patterns, and combinations from its reels. Diamond game tips and tricks? The longer you play slot games, the greater your chances of winning.

Poker War

Players have three options to choose from: Black, Red, and Winning Card. Here, a player cannot bet on both Black and Red in one round. It follows the hand card rankings and suits rankings to determine which side (Black, Red, or Winning Card) will win.

The Diamond Game only contains various slot and betting games but no PVP card games. Therefore, it is better to choose the BK8, which has 14 gambling games. You can not only try betting and slot games but also PVP card games like Tongits, Pusoy, and others. You can play with real people for a more exciting experience.

Diamond game worth playing 2

How is the cash in and cash out method in the Diamond Game?

Currently, GCash is the only payment method in the Diamond Game. Some players experience errors when using GCash, making it difficult to withdraw money from the application. Another disappointment for players is its withdrawal limit. Yes, you can win a large amount, but its withdrawal limit is low.

For example, if your total balance equivalent to Pesos is 50,000, you can only withdraw 30,000. So it’s impossible to withdraw the entire winnings from the Diamond Game. The withdrawal limit also depends on the VIP level of your account. If your account is only at level 3, your limit is even lower than 30,000 to withdraw in one day. It also does not have a real-time process, and it takes up to twelve hours for the withdrawal amount to arrive in your payment app.

If you don’t want to experience these kinds of issues, BOCP is pleased to introduce BK8. It has no withdrawal limit, meaning you can withdraw every day. A VIP level is also not required to withdraw the full amount. Its process is also fast, taking only a few minutes to complete. There are two withdrawal methods: PayMaya, GCash. In short, you have an alternative option if GCash is under maintenance; you can still withdraw using PayMaya.

How to cash in the Diamond Game?

1. Open the Diamond Game app and find the profile located at the top.
2. You will see “Coins,” and next to it, you will see the “+” button.
3. Press the “+” button, and a prompt box will appear containing the amount options you want to enter into the app.
4. Then, a form will appear that needs to be filled with necessary information such as GCash account name, GCash number, and OTP code.
5. Just a reminder, do not give the OTP code to anyone. Make sure all information is correct to avoid processing issues.

How to cash out in the Diamond Game?

1. Like the cash-in process, the cash-out process is the same. You will see the “Withdraw” tab at the bottom.
2. Press it, and a prompt box will appear.
3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw (minimum 300 chips) and press the “Withdrawal” button.
4. Just provide the required information to withdraw money from the account.
5. Wait for twelve hours (12 Hours) for the money to arrive in your GCash account/app.

Is the Referral Code feature of the Diamond Game really enticing?

Here, the Diamond Game referral code is one way to earn additional rewards. The highest commission rate is 6%, which only happens when the first user you invite deposits money into the app.

The percentage you can get from Players A to D:

Players A: ₱20-₱40 (All bets of Player A: 6%)

Players B: ₱5-₱10 (All bets of Player B: 3%)

Players C: ₱3-₱5 (All bets of Player C: 1%)

Players D: ₱1-₱2 (All bets of Player D: 1%)

In BK8, you have the opportunity to experience a high commission rate in the market reaching 6%-8%. This is applicable to all players from your hierarchy. Every week, you will receive money from its Referral Code feature, and it also has no event time limit!

Where to get the Diamond Game lucky code and how to use it?

You can only get a Lucky Code by using another player’s referral code. The player who provided their referral ID is also the source of the Lucky Code. Another way to get it is by watching YouTube uploaded videos related to the Diamond Game. You can also search for Facebook Groups that provide diamond game lucky codes for players to use.

Steps to use the Lucky Code:

Open the Diamond app and go to the “Activity” tab located at the bottom.
Press it, and a prompt box will appear with four options on the side.
Select “Lucky Code” and type the Lucky Code or number.
Press the “Confirm” button and check your new balance.
Your Diamond account must be connected to your GCash to do this.

Strategies for playing the Diamond game to win

Every game requires strategies to win. So, here are some diamond game tricks shared by BOCP:

  1. Read the game rules carefully before placing bets.
  2. Allocate a budget for gambling. This will serve as your limitation in playing.
  3. Maintain a relaxed and calm mindset.
  4. Participate in activities and don’t waste other game features that offer additional rewards.
  5. Watch several rounds of how other players play before placing bets.
  6. Place bets where the majority of players place them.
  7. Check the result history of the game and see which ones often win.

However, even though we have mastered all of these strategies and have done them correctly while playing, it is still difficult to win big. The chances of forming winning combinations are low, especially in its slot and betting games. In BK8, you can try not only betting and slot games but also PVP card games that are fun and comfortable to play with friends. The winning rate is also high, so you’re sure to take home a lot of money!

Diamond game worth playing 3

Why choose Diamond Game over other applications?

Is Diamond Game legitimate and why does it frequently disappear?

Is Diamond Game legit? As mentioned, the app is constantly banned from the Google Play Store, resulting in the disappearance of existing player accounts. It also has various versions, making it impossible to obtain the official version. The only way to get the official version is through its website itself. Where you need to download a side-loaded file that may contain viruses. This method of downloading is too risky. There are many issues reported about this game. Some players experience errors that often prevent them from withdrawing their winnings in full.

Is the cash-out method safe in the Diamond Game and besides GCash, are there any other options for withdrawal?

The withdrawal process of the Diamond Game takes twelve hours (12 Hours) before it reaches your GCash account. Another problem is that since the process takes so long, if there is an error or if the GCash app is under maintenance, it can further delay the transaction. For now, this is the only payment platform available in Diamond Game. In short, it is not yet entirely safe because there are no alternative options for players if there are problems with the GCash app. Its customer service is also unresponsive, especially at night. So if there is a problem, no one can help you immediately. You have to wait for their message before the problem is resolved.

Are there any other gambling apps that address all the problems above?

The answer is “Yes!”. We introduce to you the BK8, which offers 14 gambling games and many opportunities to win big! Its deposit and withdrawal methods are safe. There is no withdrawal limit, and no VIP level is required to withdraw money from the app. If there are problems with the GCash app, you can use PayMaya!

It is also safe to download from the Google Play and App Store; it has no clone apps and is the only version available on these two platforms. It offers a high commission rate for those who are diligent in inviting others. You can try not only betting and slot games but also PVP card games! It has 24/7 customer support on standby, so solutions are promptly provided when problems arise. There are many benefits to playing BK8, so try it now!


It can be noticed that there are still many things to fix in the Diamond Game. From its withdrawal process that takes almost half a day and has only one option. Having a withdrawal limit and VIP level is one of the disappointments in using it. You can’t even be sure if it’s safe because the way it’s downloaded is dangerous. So BOCP‘ advice is to find a tried and trusted gambling app like BK8! Compared to Diamond Game, it provides better performance and service for players.

Alejandro Santos