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The topic covered in this article is how to play Lucky 9. Lucky 9 is the easiest and fastest card game to play. Invite your friends, colleagues, or family and share the fun it brings. You’ll surely be entertained because its mechanics are easy and can be memorized with just a few tries. In the past, it was traditionally played on the side of the road or in casinos. Now, Tongits Casino Online offers comfortable playing of various casino games online, including Lucky 9! Download Tongits Casino Online now and start testing your luck!

Lucky 9 Tongits

How to play Lucky 9?

Here, we will help you become an effective player and learn how to play Lucky 9. As mentioned, learning how to play Lucky 9 is easy and quick. So, you can win or lose in just a moment. In this type of gambling, it’s good to learn the whole concept and rules it follows. To know the next move. Lucky 9 uses a standard 52-card deck that can be played by more than two players including the dealer. Each player has a chance to win by having a good combination of cards or higher points than the dealer.

The objective of this game is to have a total of 9 points or higher points than the dealer. You have two options: Hit and Stand. “Hit” is when you want to ask for a third card and Stand if the first two cards are good enough. Your decision-making and guessing skills will be tested in this game. Remember that Lucky 9 is not only based on strategy. Luck plays a big part for a player to win.

Other information about Lucky 9

BOCP will share some information about how to play Lucky 9. To know the total points of your cards, you need to memorize their values. Here are the values of each card:

1. Face Cards – 10, Jack, Queen, and King are equivalent to 0 points or commonly called “Bokya.”
2. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – These numbers have the same value as their number.

For example: 5 = 5, 6 = 6, 7 = 7.

1. Ace – Ace is equivalent to 1 point.

This pointing system is followed by any suit of cards.

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Learn the rules followed by the game.

1. You can only hold up to three cards. The third card is from the “Hit.” In other words, you can only use “Hit” once.
2. The dealer can also use “Hit” but always last. Players who want to use “Hit” must be prioritized before the dealer.
3. There are only two options: Hit or Stand.
4. The bet must be placed on the table or betting table before the dealer starts distributing the cards to each player.
5. The objective of the game is to have a total of 9 points or higher points than the dealer to win. The dealer is always the basis whether a player wins or loses.
6. The game will only result in a draw if the total points of the player and the dealer are the same.
7. The game system will continue in this manner. This is the entire concept and rules followed by how to play Lucky 9.

Learn and start using the learned strategies while playing

It doesn’t require intense practice to learn and become a veteran player. BOCP guarantees that you will learn this quickly with just a few tries. The important thing is to understand the whole concept and the rules it follows. This way, you’ll know what effective strategies you can use and apply them well to gain an advantage in the game. Because when you fully understand how the game works, you can develop your own strategy. You can correctly apply the strategies you’ve learned from other players or from your own experience.

Manage your money properly while playing.

Proper and intelligent money management while gambling is important because it prevents a person from gambling excessively and recklessly. There’s a great potential for loss if you don’t handle it correctly because you have no control, even over yourself. Be a responsible gambler to increase your potential of winning in every game. Many experienced players have realized that it’s more effective when you have self-discipline in managing your budget. Remember this advice, especially when playing any casino games, including how to play Lucky 9.

Practice playing for free before diving into the game.

If you want to win in how to play Lucky 9, it’s advisable to practice first using free games. You can find many websites offering free casino games. There are also some mobile apps available. Playing these free games will help you understand the rules of the game. It will also give you the opportunity to hone your skills. The next step after practicing with free games is to try playing with real money. This will help increase your chances of winning more often. It will also help improve your skills and increase your chances of winning big in how to play Lucky 9!

Utilize game promotions to gain an advantage in the game.

Don’t waste the opportunity to get discounts or additional rewards from game promotions. Online gambling apps like Tongits Casino Online offer special promotions. This is to further encourage and retain its players. This is a big help for a player. BOCP strongly advises not to miss out on these things.

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Go to Tongits Casino Online to play Lucky 9 and win.

Tongits Casino Online offers various casino games like how to play Lucky 9. So, hurry and try this application on your smartphone devices to start winning loads of cash. It’s free to download from its official website So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues to try the enjoyable how to play Lucky 9 brought by Tongits Casino Online!


It seems that there are many gambling apps in the market today. But Tongits Casino Online is not to be outdone in providing great and enjoyable experiences for players. It is one of the recommended gambling apps by BOCP especially for novice players. Because of its easy and user-friendly interface. When you’re ready to play Lucky 9, don’t hesitate to download Tongits Casino Online. Let’s see what you’ve learned from how to play Lucky 9!

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