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The Kabibe Game is one of the gambling apps you can find in the market today. It contains various online gambling games such as color games, slot games, and betting games. All players have the opportunity to participate in activities and competitions where you can win additional prizes and rewards. However, it is important to know and understand the rules of each game to make the most of your time. So here is your servant, BOCP! We will help you analyze the Kabibe game!

Kabibe Game

What is the Kabibe Game?

The Kabibe game is an application game that offers exciting and entertaining 15 gambling games online, including the traditional Filipino gambling game, the color game. It also has unique betting gameplay such as Skydiving and Mines. Like other gambling apps, it also has special features to encourage players to continue playing. Here, you have the ability to win real money by playing various slot and betting games, receiving free rewards, using referral codes and lucky codes, and participating in competitions.

Many things can happen while playing the Kabibe game. The features are quick and easy to learn, and the interface is user-friendly. Nevertheless, do not be deceived by such characteristics of an application. Just a reminder, it is important to know the transaction and detailed process of depositing and withdrawing money from the application.

If you are looking for a gambling app that is legally registered and safe to use, try BK8! Why? Because not only can you experience slot and betting games here, but you can also try out PVP card games such as Tongits, Pusoy, and others. You will never get bored because 14 exciting gambling games are waiting for you here. There are many ways to win and receive additional rewards at BK8!

Steps to quickly download the Kabibe game

Just follow these steps to successfully download the Kabibe game on your device:

Download via Google Playstore:

1. Go to Google Play Store.
2. Type “Kabibe Game – Fun Cards Online” in the search bar.
3. Tap install and wait for it to finish.
4. Now, you can use it and try out various casino games online.

Download via APK file:

1. Visit its official website: kabibegame.org.
2. At the top part of the website, you will see “Download Kabibe game APK free.”
3. Simply click on it, and the APK file will be automatically downloaded.
4. Afterward, you can install it.

However, there are many versions of it on Google Playstore, and you may have difficulty identifying the official version. Players’ accounts often disappear because it frequently disappears from Google Play. There is currently no version for iOS users. If you want, you need to use side-loaded or APK files, which are often risky and unsafe because they may contain viruses.

But if you want a certain and proven app with many players, we introduce to you the BK8. It is safe to download from your device because it has only one version on both the Google Play and App Store platforms. You can confidently play your favorite gambling games online!

How to deposit and withdraw in the Kabibe Game?

Here are the steps on how to deposit in the Kabibe Game:

1. Your GCash account must be ready, and link it to the app.
2. Open the Kabibe game app and go to your profile.
3. From here, you will see the options. Click on the “+” icon next to Coins.
4. A prompt box will appear containing various amounts of Coins you can buy.
5. Choose the desired amount and it will directly take you to the GCash app to log in.
6. Afterwards, you need to fill in the information requested.
7. Wait and check the new balance in the app.

Here are the steps on how to withdraw in the Kabibe Game:

1. At the bottom part, you will see the “Withdraw” tab.
2. A prompt box will appear where you need to enter the amount you want to withdraw from the app and your GCash account number.
3. Click the “Withdraw” button.
4. Wait for two hours for the money to successfully arrive in your account.

Currently, GCash is the only deposit and withdrawal method. It’s somewhat concerning because there are no other options if there is an error with GCash. It also has a withdrawal limit, so you cannot withdraw the full amount from the app. For example, if you want to withdraw ₱20,000, you can only cash out ₱12,000. Furthermore, you need to wait for over two hours for the money to be transferred to your GCash account. This is a frustrating service for players.

You are unlikely to experience such problems with BK8. Here, not only is GCash an option for deposit and withdrawal, but you can also use PayMaya. It has no withdrawal limit, and you can be sure to transfer your payment from the app to your account within just two minutes. If there are any problems, don’t worry! Because there is 24/7 customer service support ready to answer your call. Isn’t this good news? You will receive your winnings and rewards in full from the BK8.

Kabibe Game 2

Where can you get the Kabibe game lucky code and how to use it?

We often come across special codes in exclusive events. These are used to obtain additional rewards. In the Kabibe game, you’ll receive extra coins that you can use in playing. The Lucky Code is obtained from the Kabibe game’s Facebook group. There, the administrators announce updates about the game such as activities and new codes. Here are the instructions on how to receive or obtain rewards from the Kabibe game lucky code:

1. Open the Kabibe game app and go to the “Activity” tab located at the bottom of the screen.
2. Choose the “Lucky Code” or “Free Coin” option.
3. Enter the number or code into the box and confirm.
4. Simply wait for it to arrive in your Kabibe account and check the new balance.

What is the commission percentage you’ll receive from using a referral code in the Kabibe game?

The Kabibe game referral code is one way to earn money in this application. It has a commission rate of 1% to 6%. BOCP will demonstrate how the percentage is applied for each successful referral:

Players A (Direct players under you):

All bets from Player A(s) equate to 6%.

Players B (Players referred by Players A):

All bets from Player B(s) equate to 3%.

Players C (Players referred by Players B):

All bets from Player C(s) equate to 1%.

At BK8, you can experience a commission rate of 3% to 8%! This is the highest percentage available in the market that you can receive. It is not a limited event, and every week, you’ll receive all successful referrals you’ve made. Try it now and see for yourself!

Secret strategies to win in the Kabibe game

These Kabibe game tricks are simple but often overlooked by many players. So follow and carefully read the strategies BOCP will share:

1. Do not engage in playing without a clear understanding of its rules.
2. It’s important to set limits on yourself when playing and only allocate an exact budget for gambling.
3. Observe how other players play and bet first.
4. Bet where most players are betting.
5. Check the result history to get an idea of what frequently wins.
6. Stay calm to avoid making wrong decisions.

These are some of the things we did while trying to play the Kabibe game. However, there is still difficulty in winning big. The winning rate is low, so progress in the game is slow.

On the other hand, BK8 offers a high winning rate for players. You won’t be disappointed in trying it because there are many ways to win. You won’t only try your luck with slots and betting games but also with exciting PVP card games like Pusoy and Tongits. It’s also comfortable to play, so you’ll surely enjoy it!

Kabibe Game 3

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kabibe game

Is Kabibe game legit or not?

The number one question from the public, “Is the Kabibe game legit?” The answer is “Yes.” It has an official version that can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore. Therefore, it can be said that it is legally operated in the market. However, on the other hand, there is no version available yet for iOS users. An apk file is still needed, which is often risky because it may contain viruses.

Is it safe to deposit and withdraw money?

Using the GCash app as a payment app is safe. However, when it comes to the withdrawal process of the Kabibe game, you need to wait for over two hours for the money to be completely transferred to your account. Because there is no other method aside from GCash, errors may occur if GCash is undergoing maintenance. There are many risks in depositing and withdrawing money from the Kabibe game.

Is it easy to win in the games?

Yes, these are easy. In fact, each game has “rules” where you can read how it is played. However, you will struggle to grow your investment because of the extremely low winning rate it provides. Sometimes you win once, but then you experience consecutive losses. Take, for example, the color game, luck only strikes sporadically when you play it. Often, three similar colors appear, reducing your chances of winning big. The same goes for using its referral code. You will only get a high percentage if a direct referral occurs. A low commission rate of 1%-6% is recorded in the market. So it’s better to find a gambling app that not only has a high winning rate in games but also offers high commission rates when using a referral code.

What if there is an error in GCash, how to cash in and cash out?

This is a serious problem that a player in the Kabibe game will face. When GCash malfunctions, there is no other way to deposit and withdraw money. You have to wait until it is fixed to process transactions again. You’ll notice a lot of inconvenience, and the transaction may not be smooth. Sometimes, the response from customer service support is slow, so there’s no immediate solution when you encounter a problem.


Having only one payment method is a concerning matter for players because real money is involved. There needs to be an alternative option when it comes to this issue. The winning rate and commission rate in the Kabibe game are also low, so a player’s progress is slow. If you want to play your favorite gambling games without worries, BOCP recommend the BK8! It is a well-known and trusted gambling app with a high winning rate, commission rate, and exciting PVP card games. If GCash encounters an error, you can use PayMaya. So what are you waiting for? Try the BK8 now!

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