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We’ll be discussing yet another gambling app throughout this entire article, the Masaya Game. Perhaps you’ve heard of it but haven’t tried it yet, so let BOCP help you find out if it’s enticing, safe, and trustworthy to play. We’ll delve into all its features: the gambling games it offers, the use of referral codes and lucky codes, and its payment method process. Our goal is to assist players in thoroughly evaluating a gambling app. So come on, let’s explore the world of Masaya Game!



Is Masaya Game worth playing?

Before we answer that, let’s first find out what Masaya Game is. Masaya Game is a type of gambling app that provides players with the opportunity to win real money by playing it. It offers 18 online gambling games such as betting games and slot games. Aside from playing, there are other ways to earn money, like using referral codes and lucky codes. Every day, you’ll receive bonuses from Masaya Game, and everyone is free to participate in its activities. It also has a clean and simple interface design, making it easy to understand how to use it.

However, despite the great features we’ve mentioned, the important questions are whether its performance is smooth while playing, whether the money you invest here will be safe, and whether you can fully withdraw the winnings from the application. How many payment methods does it have? Is it legitimate? These are the crucial pieces of information we’ll share in the next section of this article. Don’t just be deceived by the external beauty of a gambling app; examine it carefully inside because your money is involved in playing it. Only when all the answers to these questions are positive can you truly say that it’s worth playing.

Let us introduce one of the trusted and proven gambling apps worldwide, none other than BK8. Like other gambling apps, BK8 also gives players the chance to win heaps of money from playing various gambling games. Not only can you try betting and slot games, but it also has exciting PVP card games. Many surprises await you in BK8. So, try it for yourself to experience the beauty of playing it firsthand.

Fastest way to download Masaya Game on your device

Just a reminder that Masaya Game is not available on the App Store. So if you’re an iOS user, the only way to successfully obtain it is by downloading its APK File. For Android users, you can get the official version from Google Play.

Quick steps to download Masaya Game APK:

1. Go to this link:
2. Find the “Download” button and click on it.
3. The APK File will start downloading.
4. Once the downloading process is complete, you can install it on your device.

Downloading Masaya Game via Google Play:

1. Simply go to the Google Play Store.
2. Type “Masaya Game” in the search box and press the “Install” button.
3. Wait for the downloading process to finish, and it will automatically appear on your device’s home screen.
4. Now, you can start playing it.

How to cash in and cash out in Masaya Game?

How to cash in on Masaya Game?

1. Open the Masaya Game app and look for the “Wallet shop” icon located in the bottom right corner of the mobile screen.
2. You will see different amounts that you can input into the game.
3. Select the desired amount and fill in the required information in the payment form.

• GCash account name
• GCash number
• OTP Code

1. After a successful cash-in transaction, return to the main screen of the application and check the new balance.

How to cash out in Masaya Game?

1. Look for the “Withdraw” tab on the main screen of Masaya Game, it can be found at the bottom part of the mobile screen.
2. Input the following information in the payment form:

• GCash account name
• GCash number
• OTP Code

1. Then, enter the amount you wish to withdraw from the application and confirm.
2. Wait for twelve hours (12-hours) for the money to be fully transferred to your payment account.

The only payment method for Masaya Game is GCash. This means that if there are any issues or if GCash is under maintenance, there are no other options to deposit or withdraw money. You’ll need to wait until GCash is back in order to conduct transactions again. Even if you successfully process a withdrawal, you still need to wait almost half a day for the money to be fully transferred from the application to your payment account. Also, you can’t withdraw the entire amount from Masaya Game because it has a withdrawal limit.

These kinds of issues can be avoided with BK8. BK8 ensures that its players won’t encounter difficulties when it comes to money transactions because it’s an important part of their excellent service. In BK8, there are many options! If there are issues with GCash, you can use PayMaya. Here, you don’t need to wait for a long time; the money can be transferred to your payment account in just a few seconds. Furthermore, you can withdraw the entire amount because there’s no withdrawal limit in BK8. That’s why BOCP highly recommends trying BK8 because it’s very beneficial for players.

Games favored in Masaya Game

Dragon Tiger

A popular betting game commonly found in gambling apps nowadays. In Dragon Tiger, you have three options to choose from when betting: Dragon (1:1), Tiger (1:1), Tie (1:8). All you need to do is guess which side has the higher value or points. The mechanics of this game are simple, but the problem lies in the low winning rate. There are times when consecutive wins are followed by consecutive losses. You might experience a winning streak, but it’s quickly followed by losses. So, even the initial investment is often not recouped because it’s challenging to recover from losses.

Color Game

We’re all familiar with the Color game as it’s one of the traditional gambling games in the Philippines. The Color game is played using a betting board and three dice with six colors: Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink. Playing it is easy and truly entertaining. However, due to the excitement of playing, you may continue even after consecutive losses, hoping to recover lost bets. There are times when it’s difficult to predict the outcome because two or three colors often come out the same, reducing your chances of winning. If you’re not strategic, your money is unlikely to grow here. The algorithm is extremely random, making it difficult to win big.

Toss a Coin

Toss a Coin is a betting game played using only a coin. You just need to guess whether the result will be “Head” or “Tail”. It’s relatively easy to play. Similar to the Color Game, it’s also challenging to estimate how its algorithm works. We tried playing it several times, winning in the first few tries, but subsequent rounds resulted in consecutive losses. So, we almost depleted the invested money and found it difficult to recover.


Cockfighting is one of the traditional betting games in the Philippines. Two roosters are pitted against each other, and you need to guess which side will win or if the fight will be a draw. The mechanics of the game are easy to understand. However, like the aforementioned games, it also has a low winning rate. It’s difficult to predict which side will win next, and unexpectedly, the fight often ends in a draw. So, we also struggled to grow our money here. You need to allocate a lot of time to better understand the game’s algorithm.


Instructions on how to use the Masaya Game lucky code today

The Masaya Game lucky code is one way to receive additional rewards from the game. You just need to watch out for the updated lucky codes in Facebook groups related to gambling apps. Lucky codes are often announced there. You need to use it immediately because only a limited number of people can use it. Here’s how to use the lucky code:

1. Open the Masaya Game app and find the “Activity” tab located at the bottom part of the mobile screen.
2. A prompt box will appear, and on its side, you’ll see four options. Choose the Lucky code.
3. Simply enter the Lucky code/number in the box and confirm.
4. Check the new balance in your Masaya Game account.

What is a referral code and how to register in Masaya Game?

The Masaya Game referral code is one of the features and activities of Masaya Game where players have the opportunity to receive a commission from using their referral code. You just need to invite other people to download the Masaya Game app and use your referral code.

After successfully downloading Masaya Game, you need to register to fully utilize all its features and enter the game. Here are the simple steps prepared by BOCP on how to register in Masaya Game:

1. Open the Masaya Game app.
2. A registration form will appear.
3. Fill in the required information:

• Mobile number (GCash number)
• Password
• Verification No./OTP Code

4. Then, just confirm it, and you can start exploring the world of Masaya Game!

BK8 offers a commission rate of 3% to 6% for players who are diligent in inviting others to try this application. This is also considered the highest commission rate in the market, so your efforts in inviting others to use your referral code are truly worth it. The money earned from successful referrals is received weekly, so the earnings from BK8’s referral code are guaranteed.

Strategies for playing Masaya Game to win real money

BOCP will share some strategies that have helped grow the invested money in Masaya Game. Just follow these Masaya Game tricks to win:

1. Understand the policy followed by each game thoroughly.
2. Don’t bet right away. Observe each round of the game several times to understand the potential outcomes.
3. Learn from past winning results and base your bets on them.
4. Bet where more players are betting.
5. Only allocate money that you can afford to use for playing.
6. Stop when necessary.

Based on our experience playing Masaya Game, we did everything to improve our progress. However, it’s really difficult to grow the invested money in this game. Sometimes, we struggle to recover lost bets. Winning big is also challenging because the game has a low winning rate.

Reminders when playing Masaya Game

It has a withdrawal limit.

As mentioned, in Masaya Game, it’s impossible to withdraw all the winnings due to its withdrawal limit. It won’t allow you to fully withdraw the money, and to do so, you need to wait for several days. Additionally, another frustrating aspect is the lengthy money transfer to your account. It takes up to half a day before the money is fully transferred to your payment account.

GCash is the only available payment method.

It’s true that GCash is a reliable payment platform nowadays, and many people use it. However, there are times when GCash encounters errors or is under maintenance. Having only one option for payment transactions makes it difficult. You have to wait for GCash to be fixed because there are no alternative methods, which can be very inconvenient, especially if you urgently need the money.

Low winning rate, no card games, and PVP mode.

We shared our experiences playing Masaya Game. We struggled to grow the invested money, and often ended up with losses despite our efforts to win big. Our progress in the games we tried was slow. Furthermore, it lacks card games and a PVP mode, which would make playing more enticing as it tests your gambling skills.


Masaya Game needs additional features to further entice players. They should improve their payment method and process. This game faces many problems that affect the players. So if you want to avoid these difficulties when playing gambling games, try BK8. BOCP assures you that it won’t disappoint you because BK8 aims to provide a comfortable playing experience. So don’t hesitate and try it now!

Alejandro Santos