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Discover the Color Game pattern that will surely lead you to victory! Various online betting games are gaining popularity due to the chance of earning extra money. Many are hooked on the Color Game because aside from its simple rules, it’s also very easy to win. Despite this, there are Color Game patterns that you should know to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot prize. Here are the BOCP to reveal the techniques and tricks. Make sure to read the article until the end!

Color Game Pattern

What is Color Game Pattern?

Online gaming apps continue to spread throughout the country. This isn’t surprising anymore because many have already proven their earnings through playing. Not only that, it brings nostalgia to most people. One of the popular games for many is the Color Game.

People have their own Color Game patterns just to ensure that they get the prize. This is often heard from avid carnival players. Because of their frequent playing, they slowly discovered the Color Game pattern. At first, it wasn’t that effective. But as different experiences came together, concrete techniques were formed.

The only difference between online and traditional Color Game is its accessibility. With just mobile devices, you can already play our beloved Color Game. So it’s not surprising if there’s also an online version of the Color Game pattern. While luck plays a big factor, knowing the technique in betting can still help you.

Instructions for the Most Detailed Color Game Pattern Tricks

At first glance, playing the Color Game seems very simple. You might think that there’s no need to know Color Game patterns. It’s true because the playing process is simple. You just need to choose a color, wait for the dice result, and see if your guess is correct or not. Basic, right? But if you think about it, how can you ensure that your guessed color is correct or not? Why are some players so good at guessing the next color? These are the questions that BOCP will answer.

Before I teach you the Color Game pattern, there are three things you need to know:

1. What are the colors you can bet on;
2. Amount of chips to bet per round; and
3. Importance of results analysis.

There are six colors featured in the Color Game. Out of these six, three colors will come out from the rolled dice. These are green, red, blue, pink, white, and yellow. There are three scenarios that can occur.

Scenario 1: Only one color appears [Red-red-red, white-white-white]

Scenario 2: Two are the same and one is different [Blue-blue-yellow]

Scenario 3: All three are different [Blue-yellow-green]

A big bonus is received whenever only one color comes out from the dice (Scenario 1). In the Color Game pattern, this rarely happens so the return is significant. Similar to the previous scenario, the bonus is bigger when betting on a color that comes out twice (Scenario 2) compared to a color that comes out only once on the dice (Scenario 3).

The next part to be shared by BOCP also plays a significant role in the Color Game pattern. This is the amount of chips to bet per round. For beginner players, it’s advisable to start with a low amount. Familiarize yourself with the flow of the Color Game until you become accustomed.

Now, the next thing I’ll share with you is the technique often used by those who earn big in the Color Game. Every time you make a wrong guess, increase or double the amount of chips to bet on the next round.

Round 1: Blue-white-green [result] | pink [guessed color] | 50 chips [bet]

Round 2: Green-yellow-pink [result] | pink [guessed color] | 100 chips [bet]

Color Game Pattern 2

From the example above, it can be observed that the bet doubled in the next round. From 50 chips, it became 100 chips. The guessed color is still pink. However, it can be seen that it also came out from the result of green-yellow-pink (Round 2). In other words, the loss from the first round has been recovered, and a bigger bonus was received in the next round. This Color Game pattern trick is called “escalera”. After winning a round, you now return to your original bet. In other words, you’ll bet 50 chips again in the next round.

Lastly, perhaps the most important thing to familiarize yourself with is results analysis. These are the past results from previous rounds. Here, you can clearly see the colors that often come out and the current Color Game pattern. Typically, veteran players focus on the displayed jackpot color.

Various Color Game patterns can be experienced. Observe when the desired color appears and how many rounds before it appears again.

Ex. 1 O-O-X-O-O-X-O-O

Ex. 2 O-X-X-O-X-X-O-X

*O = the guessed color appears

*X = the guessed color does not appear

Once you’ve identified the current Color Game pattern, you can skip rounds that you think your chosen color won’t appear in. This is represented by the symbol “X” based on the examples above. By using what you’ve learned from the BOCP, it’s beneficial to skip betting for rounds where you think your chosen color won’t appear. However, for rounds marked with “O” based on the study of the Color Game pattern, where the guessed color will appear, you can confidently place your chips!

Despite this, Color Game patterns won’t always be 100 percent accurate. They change depending on how the game progresses. Therefore, as a player, it’s important to make it a practice to frequently check the results analysis. This is also the foundation for deciding whether to bet or skip the current round.


More and more people are playing online betting games. Aside from the chance to win hefty prizes, it also brings joy to the players. They can play during breaks or as a pastime. Within a few minutes, their initial investment can double or triple. One of these games is the Color Game, loved by all. BOCP shared tricks on how to continuously win in it. Now that you know the Color Game pattern that’s the key to winning the jackpot prize, start playing!

Alejandro Santos