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Here are the Color Game tricks you’ve been waiting for! Discover the various strategies used by expert gamers! Some may say that the rules of this game are simple, so they think Color Game tricks are not important. However, most are mistaken. It still requires careful thinking on how to increase the chances of winning. In this article from BOCP, learn detailed explanations on how to grow your investment. We’ll share steps on how to ensure victory each round. Will you still lag behind? Find out which steps will be effective in your gameplay!

Tongits Casino Color Game

Why do people like to play Color Games?

The nostalgia brought by Color Games is different. It is one of the classic games found at carnivals. Playing Color Games on the comfort of mobile devices is enjoyable for everyone, whether young or old. Moreover, it’s not a complicated game. So even beginners and those unfamiliar with Color Game tricks can easily understand it. The main objective of this game is to guess the color that will appear. Luck also plays a big part, which is why many are drawn to it. It’s great for those seeking thrills because there’s no certainty about the colors that will come out. Color Games test how you play your cards to align with your chances of winning.

As a player, it’s important to hone the things you can control. This is where Color Game Tricks come in. It will help you make more accurate guesses on the possible colors that will appear each round. It’s difficult to dive into online betting games blindly. Perhaps, at first, you may be lucky once or twice. But if you want to play long-term, make sure to follow the Color Game tricks offered by BOCP.

Color Game tricks from top players at Tongits Casino Online

In this section of the article, BOCP will share tricks in the Color Game that will help grow your investment. However, remember that the online Color Game tricks mentioned here do not guarantee a 100 percent win rate. These Color Game tricks are only guides for your betting. It’s still up to you to try out each one to determine which strategy is most effective for you.

Nurture a color

One of the popular Color Game tricks that BOCP will share is nurturing a color. It depends on which color you want to bet on. There’s yellow, white, pink, blue, red, and green. Some use the color displayed in the jackpot as their Color Game tricks to win. After choosing a color, decide on the amount to bet. For example, 50 coins for the red color.

Ex. 1 50 coins [initial bet] – 50 coins [next bet] Color red

Ex. 2 50 coins [initial bet] – 100 coins [next bet] Other colors

Based on the example, two scenarios can happen. Your chosen color comes out, or it doesn’t. Once your chosen color comes out, the value of your next bet remains the same. (seen on page 1). This becomes tricky when you lose in the current round because you need to double your next bet. This is the secret to this Color Game. It doubles until your chosen color comes out.

Tongits Casino Color Game 2

Base on the majority’s bet

This strategy contradicts the one mentioned above. If the Color Game mentioned above nurtures a color, here it’s based on the majority’s bet. There’s a set number of seconds to give players enough time to place their bets. The key to this Color Game trick is to be vigilant in the final seconds. Your bet shouldn’t be too early or too late. The flow of each round can easily change, so you need to be alert. Bet preferably in the last two seconds of the timer to get the correct color chosen by the majority.

Observe the frequently appearing colors

Different results of past colors that have come out can be seen. This will give a hint on how the game went. From this, you can determine which color to bet on. This Color Game trick is specific because it relies on betting history.

Stand firm

Joining online betting games like the Color Game is not for the faint-hearted. Like any other gambling activity, it’s easy to get swept away by the allure of winning, especially when it’s simple and seemingly easy to win. Not only are these Color Game tricks applicable here but also in other online betting games. However, for BOCP, it’s important not to let winning consume your mind because it can lead to decision-making lapses. It can also affect the overall enjoyment derived from playing.

Know when to stop

This is perhaps the most crucial Color Game trick among all those mentioned. Starting to bet is easy, but stopping is much harder, especially when a player is on a winning streak. They are more encouraged to continue playing. In the end, they might end up losing everything they’ve won. Not only did they fail to grow their investment, but it also decreased because they didn’t know when to stop.

You might be wondering which Color Game trick to use, especially among the first three mentioned. This is where your experience as a player comes in. As you spend more time playing, you’ll figure out which Color Game trick is appropriate to apply. You might use the first tip when entering the app. If you feel it’s not effective anymore, you can switch to the third tip.

Tongits Casino Color Game 3


BOCP has shared many Color Game strategies that you can use in playing. Surely, using any of these will increase your chances of winning each round. However, remember that they do not guarantee a 100 percent win rate. They are merely guidelines from experienced players on how they continue to grow their bets. What’s important is how enjoyable each round will be while maintaining a winning streak. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from these Color Game tricks at!

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