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From various masters of the game, here is the Color Game strategy that will help you win! BOCP explained the enjoyable experience you’ll have when playing the Color Game. They also teach strategies on how to choose the color to bet on. Not in the Philippines? Don’t worry because it’s available wherever you are in the world. What are you waiting for? Download Bit777 on your PC or mobile device now!

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What is Color Game?

Color Game is an example of a traditional game popular in the Philippines. It’s commonly seen at fairs. This game is popular because regardless of age, whether young or old, it’s easy to play. As the name suggests, color is a significant aspect of the Color Game. There are six colors that can be bet on: green, red, blue, pink, white, and yellow. Various Color Game strategies can be applied. The main goal of the player is to guess the colors that will come out on the dice. There are three possible scenarios per round:

Scenario 1: Red, blue, and pink (three different colors)
Scenario 2: Red, blue, and blue (two different colors)
Scenario 3: Red, red, and red (only one color)

From here, it’s really important to be knowledgeable about Color Game strategy to ensure winning each round. But don’t worry because BOCP is here to share powerful strategies with you to grow your bet!

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Color Game Strategy of the Masters

While this game may seem simple at first, it’s still important to be prepared before betting. Adapt yourself to various Color Game strategies that can help increase your winning rate. These are based on the experiences of those considered as “masters” of the Color Game.

They are experts in this game. Not because they’ve been playing for a long time, but because their skills are proven. They can grow their investment and indeed have withdrawn actual money. One Color Game strategy emphasized by experts is to have clear thinking before diving into the game. It’s known that many easily get addicted to online betting games like this. Many drown in temporary victories. But later on, losses become greater than wins.

The next Color Game strategies that BOCP will discuss are the possible ways of choosing the color to bet on. There are two prominent methods of selection. First is to bet on the color that often appears. The second is the color chosen by the majority each round. The key here is to determine which method will be effective based on the flow of the game. This skill will be honed while continuously playing the Color Game.

The past results of the Color Game can be reviewed. You can see this on the left side of your screen. Just press it and the history of the past 12 rounds will appear. From here, you will have an idea of which colors are possible to bet on. In this Color Game strategy, identify the color that comes out most frequently. If there is a tie, refrain from betting and observe the flow of the game first. You can wait for two or three rounds to find out which color to bet on.

The second prominent Color Game strategy is choosing the color based on the majority’s decision. There is an allotted 15 seconds to decide on the color to bet on. The flow of the game usually changes constantly. What seems to be the most chosen color may change in the last second. So the technique is to wait until the last two seconds of the timer before betting. To make this effective, you need to be alert to any possibilities.

It is better if your internet connection is fast to ensure that you are not late in placing your bet. It is important in this Color Game strategy to be observant of all colors and the moves of other players.

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Detailed Color Game Experience

The Color Game is included in various online betting games featured on Bit777. Some of these include Pusoy, Tongits, Poker, and many others. Just select Color Game on their homepage to start. At the beginning of the game, it is important to determine the amount of chips to bet per round. It’s better if there’s a set amount before continuing. The value of the chips that can be bet ranges from 1K to 100K. You can see this on the side of your screen.

At this point, the learned Color Game strategies should be applied. Which specific technique to use will only be known based on the flow of the game. BOCP cannot say when to use them. Instead, only through actual gameplay will you know what is most effective for you. Different Color Game strategies can also be used simultaneously. For example, in the first 10 rounds, base it on what comes out most frequently. And in the subsequent rounds, base it on the color chosen by the majority.

There are three placing bets where you can place your bet. The bonus you may receive also depends on this. This is why playing the Color Game becomes more exciting. Now is the time to apply the learned Color Game strategies. Here are the places where you can place your bet:

• Single Bet: This is a familiar way for everyone. Simply put, wherever the chosen color is, that’s where the bet is placed. For example, if you chose yellow, the bet is placed on yellow. It’s not complicated. There’s a x1 bonus each time you hit.
• By Pairs: There are different pairs of colors visible on your screen. If this is your choice, two pairs of colors need to come out. For example, if you chose the Red-Blue pair, it needs to come out on the dice because if not, you lose. The additional bonus can go up to x4 each time you win.
• In-between: Aside from by pairs, there’s another place where you can double your bet. It’s in between two colors on the board. This is easily identifiable because there are broken lines indicating where the bet can be placed. Both colors need to come out to receive the additional bonus.


Many have already downloaded BK8 on their devices. Because not only Filipinos in the country can play here but also overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). The Color Game is featured in one of the games here. So for those who miss fair games, BOCP shared the possible experience of playing it. The Color Game strategy is also included, which will surely help you!

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