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The Masaya Game Lucky Code feature is particularly exciting, especially since many players want to receive free chips or coins from the game. The Masaya Game Lucky Code is one way to obtain additional rewards. It is only available for a limited time, so be quick to spot it. In this article, BOCP will discuss how to use the Masaya Game Lucky Code, where it is commonly found, and frequently asked questions about Masaya Games Lucky Code. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide, so join us until the end!

Masaya game 2 easy steps

What is the Masaya Game Lucky Code?

The Masaya Game Lucky Code today is used by active players to receive additional rewards, often in the form of free chips or coins that can be used to play various online casino games. Hence, many are encouraged to watch out for announcements about new Masaya Games Lucky Codes. However, remember that the Masaya Game Lucky Code can only be used by a limited number of people for a limited time. You cannot use it again once you have used it once, meaning Masaya Game Lucky Codes are single-use only.

Where can you find the Masaya Game Lucky Code?

If you are one of the players looking for Masaya Games Lucky Codes, then you are in the right article. The Masaya Games Lucky Code is often found on its official Facebook fan page and Facebook group. You need to watch out daily for new announcements of updated Masaya Game Lucky Codes from the admins and other players. You can also find it on YouTube by watching various videos related to the Masaya Game Lucky Code. Here are some links to the Masaya Game’s Facebook fan page and Facebook group found by BOCP:

Facebook fan page link: https://web.facebook.com/masayagame22

Facebook group link: https://web.facebook.com/groups/296287405303690/

Two main steps to successfully use the Masaya game lucky code

After you have obtained a new Masaya games lucky code, there are only two main steps you need to take to fully utilize it and receive free chips or coins. In case you are unable to receive the reward from it, it simply means that you were not able to participate because it has reached its limit or you’re too late. Remember that the Masaya game lucky code can only be used once by a limited number of people and within a limited time. Here are the two main steps to use the Masaya games lucky code:

Step #1:

Open the Masaya game app and find the “Activity” tab located at the bottom part of the mobile screen. Afterwards, you will see four options on the side of the prompt box that appears, choose “Lucky Code”.

Step #2:

Simply input the Lucky code or number into a box and confirm it by tapping the “Confirm” button. Now, you can check the new balance in your Masaya game account.

If you are looking for a gambling app with a long validity period for lucky codes and many players can participate in this event, perhaps what you are looking for is the BK8! The BK8 offers many lucky codes that many players can join. You’ll surely be more motivated to play because there are still many surprises waiting for you at the BK8. So try it now to receive additional rewards because the BK8 is very generous when it comes to free chips or coins!

Masaya game 2 easy steps 2


In this section, BOCP will address the frequently asked questions about the Masaya game lucky code one by one. So read this carefully to find out if it’s worth it and safe to use.

Is it safe to use the Masaya game lucky code?

Using lucky codes is safe, but what you need to find out is if the Masaya game app is safe as a gambling app. According to our research, many players complain about errors and cash-ins that do not enter the application. So we realized that it is risky to use and there is no strong security for players’ accounts.

Therefore, BOCP proudly introduces the BK8 as a trustworthy gambling app today. You can be sure that it is safe to use and security is tight for every account registered with them. So you can really maximize the use of lucky codes at the BK8. You can be sure that the money you put in here will enter, and you will successfully receive rewards from the BK8!

How many times can a lucky code be used?

A lucky code can only be used once by one person. Once it reaches the limit of how many people can use it, you need to wait for a new Masaya games lucky code. The number of people who can use a lucky code varies. This information is often stated in the caption of posts from the admin or other players who announced it.

How long can you use the lucky code?

The validity period of a lucky code also varies and often only lasts for a few hours. Because many players are waiting for new posts from the Facebook fan page and Facebook group of the Masaya game, you need to rush to catch up with them. You will read the instructions and conditions on how to get it from these posts. So you need to hurry to use it especially if it just came out to join and get the free rewards from using the Masaya game lucky code.

Can you use multiple accounts?

You can create and use multiple accounts in the Masaya game, but these accounts must be linked to different GCash numbers. This is very difficult so it is best to use only one account for playing so that your mind is focused only there.

When does the lucky code come out?

There is no certainty as to when it exactly comes out. You really need to wait for new announcements from the official social media platforms of the Masaya game. It often just comes out suddenly so if you want to join, you need to be on standby every hour for new posts and announcements related to the activities of the Masaya game.


The Masaya game lucky code is indeed enticing to use because who doesn’t want free rewards. However, you need to carefully check if this gambling app is safe to use. It’s not easy to trust a gambling app especially when real money is involved in playing it.

However, BOCP conducted research on which gambling app many players trust. We found the BK8. In the BK8, all rewards from this application will surely go straight to your game account, as well as other transactions such as entering money. You can play your favorite gambling games with peace of mind because the security provided by the BK8 is tight. So try it now and you will never regret using it!

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